The Wee Bush

(99 Main Street, Carnwath)

Postcard from watercolour by A. Brash, showing the Wee Bush following complete renovation and rethatching in the late 1980s.

Wee Bush Colour Postcard


The Wee Bush Inn dates from the 1750s, built in connection with the turnpike road from Ayr to Edinburgh.

This is the reason for its very prominent position, especially when seen when approaching on Main Street from the west, at right angles to the main road.

For many years up to the mid 1980s, its thatch roof was covered by corrugated iron sheeting.

The present owner, Mrs Helen Wilson, then carried out a total renovation and upgrading including restoration of the thatched roof. The roof has been totally improved by the installation of a completely new thatch in the spring of 1999.

Regrettably, the Wee Bush was seriously damaged by fire on 28th September 2002.

Rebuilding started in May 2003, although, for insurance reasons, the roof will be replaced in slate rather than thatch.


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