Blizzard of 27th February, 2001


The winter of 2000-2001 had been quite cold by recent standards with frequent frosts and two or three notable snowfalls.

However the early hours of Tuesday 27th February brought the heaviest snowfall in Carnwath since at least 1962-63.

Light to moderate snow fell throughout Monday 26th February, but even at 12.30 am on Tuesday morning, nothing more than a light covering seemed likely.

In the early hours of Tuesday, a northerly gale and heavy snow combined to give severe blizzard conditions, with snow falling till mid-morning.

The village awoke on Tuesday morning to deep drifted snow, with drifts over 6 feet in places on Main Street, and a power cut which thankfully was over by about 10.30.

To add to the snow, temperatures during the next three nights were -18C or lower.


Main Street
Main Street/Edinburgh Road
Main Street

Main Street/Edinburgh Road junction

My garage
North Road
The author's garage
North Road

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