Wee Bush Fire, 28th September, 2002
Restoration, Spring 2003


A very serious fire severely damaged the Wee Bush Inn on the early morning of Saturday 28th September. Thankfully, the pub had already closed for the night and no persons were on the pub premises at the time.

The fire was discovered by police officers shortly after 1am, and they and local helpers attempted to tackle the blaze using buckets of water pending the arrival of the Fire Brigade.

The Fire Brigade were not long in arriving, but were unable to prevent the entire thatched section of the roof catching fire.

Later on September 28th, engineers are removed the gable ends of the walls, which they assessed as being unsafe.

Rebuilding commenced in Spring 2003. The roof will be replaced in slate rather than thatch, for insurance reasons.


Soon after fire brigade arrive
The fire has spread
Soon after Fire Brigade arrive; from North Road

Fire has spread

Later from same approximate viewpoint
Later from Main Street
Later from same approximate viewpoint

Later from Main Street

Gables rebuilt and trusses about to go on
Sarking boards in place

Photos best viewed at thousands of colours or better.
Taken by the author with a Kodak DC215 digital camera using better quality and standard resolution.

The author and family should like to express every good wish for the future to Helen Wilson and family, who have put so much into the Wee Bush and Carnwath Village.


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